8 Skin Tips for Glowing Skin


1. Eat beautifully

Choose a diet full of vegetables, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Choose foods packed full of Vitamin C.


2. Supplement well

Look for supplements containing gamma- linolenic acid (found in evening purpose oil or cod liver oil). This will start to improve the skin barrier. You may want to supplement with collagen peptides: they promote the synthesis of collagen and hydronic acid, improving the signs of ageing skin. 

3. Wear sunscreen

Wear sunscreen - we're talking a high-quality natural mineral sunscreen made from zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Such as Prairie Bliss Botanicals Nourishing Moisturizer SPF +30, or BioBliss Daily Antioxidant Moisturizer SPF +45


4. Be mysterious

Be mysterious - wear sunglasses to retain mystique and your youthful complexion. In addition to protecting your eye health, sunglasses can help reduce splinting and, therefore, reduce wrinkle formation.


5. Work out 

• Exercise can boost circulation, helping improve the appearance of youthful skin.
• Then wash up and tone up! Strong may be the new beautiful, but sweat still irritates your skin. Always wash, tone, and moisturize after a workout.


6. Swim Smart

Limit your time in chlorinated pools and hot tubs. Chlorine can cause wrinkles and dehydrate your skin.


7. Skip happy hour

Too much alcohol can be hydrating and damaging to the skin. Keep it to less than one drink a day.


Get monthly facials

Get monthly facials - this will help professionally exfoliate your skin and combat any bacteria that lays underneath the dermis. In addition, this will also restore the moisture back into your skin.
Book your facial at the Prairie Bliss Laser Clinic and Spa today! 


by Tara Hubbard (owner/founder of Prairie Bliss)