Antiox - Dermal Filler Serum

Antiox - Dermal Filler Serum


With 2% Hyaluronic & Red Algae
1 OZ/ 30 ML e

This powerful formulation enriched with hyaluronic (aka moisture-binding ingredient) and red algae keeps skin plump and hydrated, young-looking skin.

Pure science skin care. All natural and science-based ingredients. Quality guaranteed. Dermatologist and Aesthetician tested. No animal testing. Paraben and Sulfate free.

Primary Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid: As body collagen declines, the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration become more visible. Maximizing collagen levels will keep skin supple. Hyaluronic acid keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, contributing to the anti-aging benefits to the skin.

What is hyaluronic acid?

After the age of 35 you can no longer produce your own natural collagen. The ageing process start setting in.... but it doesn’t have to.

Applying hyaluronic topically sends moisture to that particular area allowing the skin to lock it in, giving your skin a refreshed look that stays in that area for a while until you need to apply again. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally occurring in the human body. It has a stunning capability to attract and hold vasts amount of moisture, it works overtime to replenish and nourish skin.

Keeping your skin hydrated allows for no creepy, or superficial wrinkles to start developing in the skin, they eventually start set into deep set wrinkles. When you start wrinkling and it’s a deeper crevice in the skin that’s where hyaluronic is also used, but it’s actually injected into the skin. This is called dermal fillers. Lips, cheeks, nasal labia folds, tear troughs... you get the point.

Red Algae: Reduces wrinkles and aging but also reducing inflammation, such as in rosacea, or even helping prevent skin cancer.” Thanks to red algae's high vitamin content, this moisture-rich plant can actually help you in your quest to banish free radicals, leading to healthier, younger-looking skin

Licorice Extract- Widely used as skin lightening agent. Has also been shown to soothe the skin and have rejuvenating and anti-irritant effects.

3 - Palmitoyl Peptide Complex-
In-vitro tests showed that tripeptide has better collagen building capacity than TGF-beta

  1. Has been found to improve significantly the appearance of any type of wrinkles

  2. Has good skin firming and moisturizing properties

  3. May be able to reduce appearance of stretch marks. In clinical study with 60 volunteers a significant reduction of the appearance of wrinkles was shown after use of 84 days

  4. Could be used as alternate method to collagen injections used in lip products.

    Collagen Protein- Improves the appearance of aged and blemished skin by supply of collagen which is a major component of the skin's connective tissue.

  • To Use:

Smooth generous amount on face and neck morning and night everyday. This serum has quick absorption. Use immediately after washing face, follow with sunscreen. Do not use it within the orbital area. If skin becomes sensitive, use once every two days.

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For external use only. Keep away from the eyes. If it gets into eyes, rinse with water immediately. If signs of irritation or rash appear, discontinues use and consult a doctor. Keep in cool, dry place out of sunlight.

Distilled water, White willow bark extract, (Castor) oil, 2% Hydrolyzed Hyaluonic acid, Laminaria (Red Reaf Algae) extract, Rosehip extract, extract, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed extract, soy peptide, Oat proteins, Collagen Protein, hydroxyethlcellulose, elastin peptide, Palmitoyl Peptide Complex, Licorice root, Vitamin E, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid, potassium sorbate Organically sourced.

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